Placing our network of top talent with leading employers

Service Offering

We aim to exceed the hiring expectations of every client regardless of the recruitment method agreed upon. We are agile and flexible, and will engage on the package that best suits our clients because your success is our reward! 

Retained Executive

This suits outcome requested requirements; works well when we are in a talent-short market, and for those who must fill pressing Senior-Level Executive positions. We operate the retained model on a multi-level search basis, and talent is exclusive to the client until the placement is concluded. A formalized fee structure applies – T’s & C’s apply

Contingency Search

This process is less structured and the focus includes introducing suitable candidates. There is no exclusivity of introduction, and source includes our impressive talent base (compiled over years); advertisement response, access to passive talent that are “waiting for the right opportunity”. Exclusivity of recruitment is not required.


A flexible solution that combines benefits from both the retained and contingency models, while at the same time reducing the financial risk for both parties. Some form of exclusivity is generally attached for the duration of the search.

Search, Select, Recruit & Place!