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Whether you’ve got an existing team to grow, a resignation to replace or a skills gap on the horizon –  our unique 21 step approach guarantees that we find and deliver the best solution for your long-term success!

We successfully match your roles with high-achieving candidates who will add value to your company – both now and into the future.

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Together with continuous training and professional development, we will ensure that we have the ability to identify the best opportunity for you!

What people are saying?

RD managed my career change with sensitivity, confidentiality and professionalism. I was supported throughout the process, and can say with confidence that they really do add a personal touch.
– Bongi, Jhb
Job seeker
They supported me during the 3-month “settling in” period and it was great to have an unbiased professional support – like having a career coach at the other end of the phone.
– Kate, Jhb
Job seeker
I had a great experience with RD. They helped me to secure employment after being unemployed for 6 months. A big thank you to the recruiters who made time to meet me and also helped me in preparing for my interview.
-Thembe, Jhb
Job Seeker

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